Welcome to Convergence!

September 15, 2010 1 Comment

Welcome to Convergence!

My name is Erick Goss and I’m the creator of Convergence. I’d like to thank you for visiting the site and checking out what we’re doing. When we set out to create Convergence, we were looking to create a video-based product that people could use to help them better navigate a complex and confusing world. Our goal was to create videos that would foster conversation and dialogue about what it means to live as a Christian in a world that is often difficult to navigate.

If you look at the last 150 years of history, our world has changed dramatically. I once read a quote that someone living in 1870 probably had more in common with someone born in 1 A.D. than they would with us in 2010. The implications of this statement for us as a Church and as a people are staggering. The world has changed in the last 140 years more than it had in the previous two thousand. The rate of cultural and technological change we’re experiencing is unprecedented in human history. Even in the last 20 years, the explosion of the Internet and technological innovation is changing how we live, communicate and relate to one another. Many of the problems we deal with daily have never been experienced by previous generations. Despite all this change, two things don’t change: who God is and how we relate to Him and each other.

God is good. He’s given us everything we need for a life of godliness through Jesus. We have the Holy Spirit as a teacher and guide, even intervening on our behalf. We have Jesus as an intercessor, Lord, brother and friend. Yet, we find ourselves often confused about where to begin in regards to living a Christian life. Life is more than just “getting saved”; God is engaged in a massive redemption project that He expects each of us to participate in. When we look to scriptures, we get great counsel but we often have to extrapolate or improvise what redemptive acts look like in our day & age. How we grow, how we relate, how we live…. these have all changed dramatically since the Bible and continue to change. The question is how do we faithfully follow Jesus amidst this tremendous change?

That’s the question that initiated Convergence. As a leader in a church in downtown Seattle, I found many of the tools I’d learn to help people grow just weren’t effective. People didn’t want to hear lectures on the Bible or receive more teaching; they wanted to interact, they wanted to dialogue. They weren’t concerned about your credentials…. they were more concerned about who you were and what kind of life you were living. What kind of person you were. Learning needed to be relational, conversational, organic.

As we were concepting what kind of video would be beneficial in this kind of context, we thought there were a couple of key principles to follow. The video needed to be:

Relational. Instead of having someone teach or preach, let’s have a dialogue. Let’s had a great host and interesting guests.

Informed. Let’s invite the wisest people we know to talk to. Let’s invite the people we’d love to have on speed dial for our toughest questions.

Real. Let’s ensure we ask hard questions based on the realities we live in versus the realities we’d like to have. Let’s discuss the stuff we all wish were easier.

Short. We don’t need to teach. Let’s provide some basics and give folks the opportunity to help each other. If Christ is among us when we meet, then there’s probably some good advice in your room as well as ours. Let’s also make each episode shorter than the average commute so they are easy to listen to on the way to work.

These principles led to what we call Convergence: Where Faith and Life Meet. Each DVD has three to four 15-minute segments that deal with difference aspects of a topic that people have questions about or struggle with. Thankfully we were able to find a great host, great guests and good topics…..but we’ll talk more about that next.

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“Welcome to Convergence!”

  1. Hi Erick

    For a few years know I have work trying to connect saints into ministry and not into recently I started to see the ministries following apart, volunteers leaving the ministry and not getting involved. I started to pray and ask God to please fill me with His holy spirit and I realize that we have been demanding so much from our faithful ministry leaders but we were not pouring and coaching the leaders. I started to pray “Lord, please help me I need know that I have to pour in our ministry leaders so they can pour out to the rest of the volunteers”

    In going through your website I saw a lot that we can use to teach and coach our Leaders. Is there anything that you can recommend I will greatly appreciated.

    Thank you and God Bless
    Wanda Lopez

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